Meiki no Hinkaku

After seven years of research in collaboration with doctors and specialists, and designed and crafted using state-of-the-art 3D technology, Meiki no Hinkaku is one of the most realistic onahole masturbator ever. The superbly soft and supple material and with TWO unique versions to match your personal needs and desires, the Meiki no Hinkaku is actually better than the real thing. 

meiki no hinkaku

 Both versions of the Hinkaku come in large sizes for a firm grip and universal stretch fit (even for non-Japanese, ahem, larger men). Check out the classic Japanese-style wooden box that you can use for storage too.

meiki no hinakaku

Meiki Korin - Pure Hip

If you prefer things large then you need to get your hands around these hips, because they are as pure as they come. The Meiki Korin Onahole is a realistically sized, solid piece of ass that will make you feel like you are inside exactly where you want to be. Each of the two passages are unique so you can alternate to liven up your sessions with the Korin.

meiki korin onahole


meiki korin onahole

Meiki's Honor

The Meiki's Honor is the big sister to the bestselling Meiki no Hinkaku. With more weight and girth, this perfectly-formed rear is a great visual aid too as you're pumping away inside. It's easy to get a two-hand grip on her big, round, all-silicone shape. You can start with the standard love tunnel you-know-where, with its multichamber form and hundreds of densely-packed love nubs. Or perhaps you'd prefer the tight, winding anal passageway.

meiki honor onahole