The OL (office lady) is an icon of prim, hidden Japanese sexiness. Now, this OL Meiki Onahole allows you to get just that little bit closer to those lovely creatures. Meiki onaholes are ultra-realistic masturbators that bring you stimulation like no other adult toy can! Rui Saito (斉藤 ルイ) is well known for her roles where she plays foxy OLs eager for some extra work!

rui saito OL meiki onahole

On top of sexy OLs, Japan is also known for its leading technology. Well, let's combine the two! Rui has had her you-know-what replicated as this soft and pliable onahole. And it's a meiki hole so you know you are going to get an ultra realistic, ultra quality experience every time you take it for a ride...

rui saito meiki onahole